Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Gathering....2012

 Flower Girl's grown a lot this year. Hadn't seen her for a while; it is noticable how tall she  is growing.

 Flower Girl, with her Grandmother and her school-friend. FG is dressed as LagunaBlue of Monster High, whoever that is. Her friend appears as a Vampire Princess, tho the dress was so pretty! Too bad it's black.

 Flower Girl's pretty Mom wore this funny hat out when they all went Trick or Treating. We older people stayed and passed out candy from the base-camp. 

 She's about to demonstrate how to stuff a Twix in your mouth. Flower Girl has a sense of humor like 9-year old boy...

 Adored Uncle Hubsy put on Laguna's wig, but only when I promised I wouldn't post any photo's on the Blog.  lol.
 Edie the Dog, after a long Trick or Treat walk, collapsed.

Near time for us to leave. Her friend became over-tired and needed to be taken home to sleep. The energizer-bunny, above, keeps on ticking. Next there was a demonstration of nose-picking...Ok, that's it.

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  1. I ove the cute children in their costumes! Looks like a fun Halloween! Edie is a cute puppy dog! Fun photos, have a great week ahead!


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