Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Book on my Night Stand....

Other Blogger friends of mine started a "reading blog", which I think is an excellent idea. I, myself, forget the
titles and authors of books I have enjoyed. It can only get worse as I grow older.  Am I "up" to maintaining a separate Blog for my reading? Maybe if I ever retire....?

So, for now, I will ocasionally mention the book I'm reading, along with a flash review. 

We will start from where we are: Rebecca Wells' first novel, Little Altars Everywhere. This is the first of the Ya-Ya Series; I have neither read "....the YaYa Sisterhood" nor seen the movie, so I come with fresh eyes.

It's a Southern-genre novel, told in first person, mainly children and the adults they grow into. So it automatically makes me think of "To Kill a Mockingbird". Story is told in fragments, at assorted times by various of the characters in the book. It's rich with Southern mystique and there is hilarious humor along with the suffering of a family adrift with alcoholic, dysfunctional parents.

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