Monday, December 12, 2016

This was Harrodsburg, KY

In the little town of Harrodsburg, KY is a reconstruction of the oldest permanent European settlement in Kentucky (situated quite near the original location and built to according to the plans left by the founder and leader of the settlement, James Harrod.) The site is operated by the State of Kentucky as part of the State Parks. A wonderful entertainment for older kids and parents/teachers.

Many aspects of pioneer life are displayed at the venue: a working smithy, a weaving room, a model of a typical pioneer cabin, and much, much more.  Though Native Tribes did not establish permanent settlements in Kentucky (it was regarded as communal hunting grounds for the use of all the Tribes), there is a working hunting camp, as would have been common. A history museum and Abe Lincoln's parents' first cabin are also on the property and part of the admission fee.

The day of our visit, a group of local "re-enactors" was having an actual wedding of two of their troop members; it was staged in the style of an 1860's period event. Directing the parking of cars for the event was one of the guests, in full reproduction Confederate Civil War regalia as a Cavalry Officer.  He explained all of the items he wore, including the reproduction (but functioning!) firearms he carried.
Our little maid gamely posed with the stubby rifle before the Cavalry Officer provided us with a live fire demonstration!! It was loud!

He explained that battles were so loud that officers would jab the men with sword points to get their attention! How annoying! But our expression "Get the point" comes from that situation.

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