Monday, May 1, 2017

The Tanglefoot Trail goes through Pontotoc, MS.

After returning from Los Angeles, we stayed briefly at home, then drove off to Mississippi so Hubsy could bike the lovely trails offered by this state. I was just as interested in exploring places I'd never been before.

Pontotoc is a county seat town of about 6 thousand friendly people in North Miss'ippy, full of
photo-ops. While the others biked the Tanglefoot Trail, I explored the bustling little town. It has a rich history.

In some places, the sidewalks simply followed the curvature of the land; evocative entrance.

 Neat old neon side still remains, though the storefront is currently another business.

Ghost sign's trying to come back to life.

There once was a railroad through the town, of course, with passenger service (that is now the bike trail). So the red brick building looks like a nicely preserved but decommissioned downtown hotel. There is evidence of renovation going on within.

I met a dozen or so very hospitable people during the day, as I chose to stop and engage: a very elderly African American lady, high in her 90's (like a vision of a latter-day Callie Barr from a reference in a Faulkner book), another elderly person, a retired policeman in his 80's, now driving a golf cart to assist and protect those riding the Tanglefoot Trail (his wife of many decades recently passed away, it underscored the difficulty faced by elderly widowers who did not expect to survive there wives. Bittersweet), and a family group of lovely and energetic ladies at a bake sale raising funds for a trip to Florida for students' cheer leading composition. Bonuses! I found a new FB Friend and her young daughter won a major event, as it turned out!

Structures like this all around the town. Sorry I did not photograph a massive "cotton compression" building near what used to be the rail line.


  1. Hi Barbara, can you please send me your email? I want to ask you if i can use one of your photos as a reference photo for my art project.

    1. Please let me know how can I contact you.


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