Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Gardener, with the Kids and Flowers She Loves...

 Looking bright as sunlight, my friend enjoys a visit from Molly and Micah, the intrepid little twins. The latest of their misadventures was recently: Micah said "You are bad, Molly. I'm going to lock you up in college and squish you up and put you in my hot-dog." (their parents are both teachers; the 3 year old kids are told they will go to college but they can't imagine not being with Mommy and Daddy).

My friend made the flower arrangement for the Memorial Day Sunday service at her church. Beautiful; I was delighted to contribute those lovely Red Poppies, so right for Memorial Day, from my flower bed! She is 100% recovered from that scary fall she suffered just before Christmas--enough that she is going forward with a knee replacement operation in a few weeks. Brave.

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