Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Comment, please....

Chicago's loss to host the 2016 Olympic Games:
Having lived in the Chicago area for much of my life, I feel confident that the city would have made a fine host for the events; after all, this is a convention town and that would be just "the mother of all conventions". The city is a Jewel on the Lake; too bad.

Having said that, I can say that I didn't care, one way or the other. But I thought it was in the bag for the city; so I was quite surprised when Chicago was eliminated in the first round of voting. The Daley political organization is reputed to be best at bid-rigging and election-fixing. Who goofed? Or did the city's team simply run up against some better bid-riggers than themselves; out-foxed.

Obama: weak and self-centered as usual; over-confident. (At least Mrs. O did not show up in a clown custume, as usual.) I worry that if Obama is not up to bringing home a big piece of bacon to the hometown, how can we be confident he will conduct other matters properly: like Iran; like Afghanistan; like so many others...and hello: rising unemployment numbers calling.


  1. Not a fan of the IOC/Olympics period -- I'm not convinced that they do any good for anyone involved, save the medalists. Games seem to utterly wreck every city they touch, like a debilitating urban-planning hernia, few cities are capable of absorbing the expansion that the games demand. And knowing Daley, I think this would have been even more the case for Chicago.

    Hope Rio can take it run with it. But, much like a Grammy, I think this is a distinction that any self-respecting individual should be glad NOT to receive. Not sure Obama deserves such a dressing-down. Hatoyama was also in Copenhagen, but no one seems to be tsk-tsking him for dropping the ball.

  2. Well, we agree on the part about not being such a fan of the Olympics, Period. (I bet I know a Red-Head who would beg to differ with both of us!)For the athletes, it is great, of course.
    Asia just had the Olympics.
    Mike Quigley, the Congressman elected to serve out the rest of Rahm E's term, was sited in the WSJ as pointing out that Chicago lacked a Federal guarantee to pay for the Games; other candidate's gov'ts had guananteed their bids. OK, but everybody had to know that going into it.


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