Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Evil Barbb Christmas story, of sorts...

we have a surrogate-"grandchild", a 5-year old niece: she of the "furry friends birthday party event" previously covered. She is a big fan of the original Wizard of OZ movie, but with a twist: her passion is not young virtuous Dorothy and her sweet little dog. Instead, our girl loves the witches--of East and West. She has dressed for Halloween in the same green-faced witch custume for two years now--it won't fit next year. Comes Christmas: at school, the children are asked what they want for Christmas (not a public school, naturally) so the requests could be forwarded to parents. The girl declares a green-faced witch; I am happy to supply--except there is some confusion at the last minute about whether it's really the green-faced witch or the witch in the red dress; there is also a shortage of red-dress barbie-witches. Santa, at the North Pole, was so confused he actually had to call my sister-in-law on her cell phone with the child present to confirm the request, which was "red". As it happened, this was funnier than it is in the telling; but here is the doll, and the answer to the question we've had all these years: what did the deceased Witch of the East look like before she was hit with the house? Like Angelina Jolie, it turns out.

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