Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Out of the blue or Mrs. D's Wild Ride...

..Tuesday morning, Hubs' just gone to his yoga class; in the distance I hear a siren. The thing is, as you get older, when you hear emergency noises and a loved one is out driving, you wonder....but he had left only seconds before. OK. Then the sounds get closer and louder.
Likely a traffic mishap nearby; I went downstairs to re-heat my coffee--when what to my wondering eyes should appear? but an ambulance, a firetruck and half a dozen nice young men with a stretcher!! In my driveway!! Did someone dial 911 instead of 411? Is there something I don't know? Am I sick? Demented notions that flash across my so-called brain....but even as that is going on, I'm sprinting for the backdoor and across the driveways to our neighbors, Mrs. Neighbor recently had knee (blond guy in CA) surgery, and this was the mandatory "It might be a blot clod"-run to the hospital. Thankfully, after a night in the joint and a bunch of tests, she will continue her recovery at home in peace and calm!! Update: blood pressure fluctuation turned out to be the culprit.

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