One More Photo Dedicated to Piper...

.., taken in the mid-1940's, probably in Wichita, KS. In those days, people dressed up to go "downtown" shopping, to appointments, or for entertainment. Once the dressed-up people got to town and walked along the sidewalk, they were likely to have their photo taken by an annoying-if enterprising-person with a camera. He would hand you a numbered ticket with an address and you were supposed to send him a small amount of money and a SSAE and hopefully he would send you back the (right) photo. It appears that's what happened to Piper and her Mom. The little snap-shot was sent to Piper (and Hubsy's) Grandparents,  to illustrate how much of a little lady Piper had become. I love the inquisitive, even troubled, look: "Who is he and why is he doing that?" 


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