Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Twins: They are BigKids Now...

The event that brought Micah, Molly and their parents to our neighborhood concerned that big base fiddle the kids are playing with (carefully). Their Dad is a band director and music teacher at a nearby school district; he was on a mission to purchase a used instrument for his school, so the district would not have to pay for a brand new one....he puts in a lot of overtime!

The kids are 3-1/2 now, all trained, talking a blue streak and playing together so well that I'm told they prefer their own company to others, in some cases.  With little opposite gender twins, you might end up with a little girl who wants to play with trucks and shovels and a boy who wants to get his nails done with his Mom and sister. At this age, it's all about the same.....

One cute story has to do with learning potty etiquette: Micah was instructed that it is nicer if he learns to leave the potty seat "down for girls".....not to be left out, Molly allowed as how from now on, she will leave the seat "up for boys"

Molly, Sailing Along
At this point, the children know how to avoid the cameras, alas. Micah is quite good at, Molly not too shy today!

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