Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adventures in Blogging...3 Years and Counting.

 I love to find visual moments that only come along once, like this lovely misty sunset near the Missouri River in Sept. 2010.  I could photo-shop to "make it better" and maybe someday if I get time, I will.  For now, it's raw and interesting material....

"Me and My Monkeys" arranged by my young niece, Flowergirl.

 Aw, shucks. I'm a life-long sucker for rusticated country scenes from small-town America. This was taken early in the Blog in Mt. Carroll, IL.

Door and windows are irresistable. The more beat up they are, the more they speak of the history and the people who lived, worked and passed/looked thru them. This one is the door of a railroad shop in PA.

Art-by-Accident and meeting interesting people by chance!  This photo was found at the same PA rail museum when I happened upon a real professional photographer-artist, Colin Winterbottom. Wielding the camera with the intent of sharing photos on the Blog has opened my world to exactly the sort of experiences I want, featuring "photo captures", color, some trips and events.

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