Wednesday, October 3, 2012

National News Event, Just Outside Our Door....

 Our office is located within a block of the HQ for the Chicago Public School System, so during the teachers' union strike a couple of weeks back, we were daily treated to the sights and sounds of the assemblies and marches. The inflatible Rat symbolized the mayor of Chicago.

"The Man with the Golden Slacks" had little to do the the strike, I just like the way the photo turned out.

 Here is another view of the nasty looking blow-up Rat. Can I hire this Rat for a Birthday Party, too?

 "Too Many Snacks in the Teachers' Lounge" is the title of this photo. To be fair, I tried to find some slim, healthy looking strikers, as well.

 News trucks tucked into the alley at Quincy and LaSalle, a favorite staging place when stories are to be gathered in the financial district of Chicago.

Some random news guy and his cameraman at a rally and march.

 As you may gather, I'm not much of a sympathizer with this sort of public employee labor strike; for the life of me, I've never understood people who take children into "crowd" situations like this. I was shocked that someone thought it was a good idea to bring (what appears to be) a special needs kid!

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