Sunday, December 30, 2012

Can't Forget the "Pants on the Ground Series...

Found heading west on Jackson near LaSalle one May afternoon.

What power keeps the pants up; thus averting humliation?

The tension between the bluejeans "waistband" and the widest part of pelvic girdle; occasionally assisted by
quick and subtle flick of a discreet finger, to re-establish the link and keep the "cool" of the wearer.
I thought about asking one of the young men, but then thought better of it. Lesson: there may be a nosy photo blogger out hunting for fun blog-fodder! Keep your pants up! In the third shot, I loved the contrast of the "pants"-guys and the young woman with the red shoulder bad--worlds and worlds apart on the same May afternoon in 2012 on Jackson, near LaSalle.

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