Sunday, April 28, 2013

Larry McMurtry....

folks, Larry McMurtry has written more books than most people these days have ever read! My personal favorite of his--and practically any other-- is "Lonesome Dove". If you have missed this book, it is a great loss. The TV miniseries was a pretty good re-creation. Not perfect. The book was damn near perfect.
I mention all this because a month or so ago I finished his "Buffalo Girls". One reviewer called this "Lonesome Jane", since it is about the legendary American personality, Calamity Jane. It was a good read.
More than that--a little bell rang in my head about the fact that I had never gotten around to viewing the HBO series Deadwood. Hubs and I are done with the first season now, having gotten the DVD's from our public library. We are loving it, swear words and violence and all. Thanks, Larry McMurtry; thanks David Milch, etc. Thanks, Wild Bill Hickock, Thanks Martha Jane Canary!!! Looking forward to finding the 2nd and 3rd seasons. Bring it on!

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