Friday, May 3, 2013

They Wrote Their Own Vows.....

It's been too long since we visited the twins, Molly and Micah; they turned four in February. See? They are active little kids now; Micah's soccer skills are remarkable and Molly is right there with him.  The other day on FB (where I borrowed this photo, btw), their frazzled Mommy lamented the latest (mis)adventures: Molly clogged the potty and Micah went ahead and flushed it: a team-effort which resulted in a flood of toilet water for Mom to wipe up.  Then Micah tried too hard to help Mom by putting his cereal bowl into the dishwasher--with lots of soggy cereal still in it. While he and his Mother picked cereal out of the dishwasher (this gets worse), potty water from the afore mentioned toilet disaster dripped tho the bathroom floor and ruined ceilings and drywall in their basement recreation area. The one where the grown-ups were planning a much needed adult "Chopped Party" (whatever that is) for the weekend. Rats! Then the Twins decided it was time for them to "get married". I was wondering how long it would take them to think of this. But it's cute. They held hands and walked down a hall in their home. Then they stopped and asked each other a lot of questions, like: "What is your name?" and "How do you play the tuba?"

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