Monday, March 10, 2014

A Bittersweet Transition....

A dear friend of ours provided perfect care for this handsome cockatoo for 30 years; and the bird, named Nike, adores her! He doesn't take well to others, including the couple's nearly grown son, who Nike regards as an interloper to be shooed away. But mostly, Nike was a member of the family; although sometimes loud! My favorite memory of Nike was seeing my friend tuck him into his sleeping-roost near their room for the night; it was hilarious. Nike had to be cuddled for a while--maybe she had to read him a story and kiss him good night?--it was so cute. But alas, all those years of caring for the bird made our friend develop serious allergies! What to do? (Keep in mind, cockatoos can live for 75 years if cared for properly.) Happily, a bird santuary was found to take him; he seems to be doing fine, so far, in his new home. But missing a pet is hard--imagine having a pet for 30 years! I feel very sad for her.

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