Friday, March 14, 2014

A Multi-Dimensional Literary Treat!

Only last week, I finished reading "The World to Come" by Dara Horn; I highly recommend this modern Judaica thriller, fantasy fiction, love story, family saga, inspirational story. The imaginative plot was inspired by the real-live theft and later return of a Marc Chagall painting. Two central characters are a set of grown-up twins, one male and the other female; this brilliant young writer provides interesting insights into boy-girl twin sets. The prose is lush, the observations on life are spot-on; we get to learn about Marc Chagall and the circle of his contempory artists and writers (most of whom were killed by Stalin in the 1950's). In the concluding pages, Dara Horn paints us a picture of Heaven where newly conceived and soon-to-be babies are mentored and coached by those who have already lived and died. The babies are fed art in the heavenly restaurants and they get to drink books in the celestial cocktail lounges. And so much more! If this book was made into a film, there is a perfect role of Natalie Portman as Rosalie.

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