Sunday, October 19, 2014

Almost like an excursion in time...

The gentleman on the right is an extremely distant cousin of mine, in Lexington to meet again and gain knowledge of the family lore. My Mother's 1st cousin, a venerable gentleman farmer of many decades in the area was his focus. Mom's cousin (90 years old) lives quite near the old "home place" farm, and visits regularly. Recently, he was seriously injured in a hair-raising farm accident; out of the hospital and back to his regular work schedule, he took time to walk around the farm property (originally, an 18th century log cabin with associated log out-buildings-some standing)to give us an oral history of the days when the farm was a working complex of many operations, grain crops, tobacco, hogs, meat smoking, an orchard and cidar making and so much more. He was a small child in the 1920's on the farm and could quote the words of his grandparents, etc. He spoke of the tobacco wars, for instance. Except for the internal combustion machine (tractor and auto) and some electrical power they generated, life on the farm in the 1920's was much as it was in the 1800's. Indoor plumbing was added about 1970.

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