Sunday, January 24, 2016

I expect too much of popular, entertainment level fiction...

Three books I finished recently, in ascending order of preference:

I picked up (from my local paperback book exchange) a Stephen Hunter 'Bob Lee Swagger Novel' called "I, Sniper", a 2009 publication. 1960's era, left wing, high profile political activists are gunned down in public by an expert marksman using an extremely accurate, long range gun. I was amazed how closely the profiles of the victims fit with real world Jane Fonda (including the nasty, rich ex) and the now middle-aged, college professor bombers from Chicago (one mistake missed by proof readers referred to the man as "Bill", though the character's name was "Jack"). It was a page-turner, but not high quality. I'm very touchy about editing.

Martha Grimes "Help the Poor Stuggler". Usually I like her stories; this one just wasn't my favorite.

"The Chamber" by John Grisham. More of a quest for social change (stop the death penalty) than effort to entertain. So there was no mystery how it would end. His "The Painted House" was so much better as a fully developed novel, probably a little 'American classic'. Grisham has one more chance with me.

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