Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cleaning up our eating patterns?

In recent days, we arrived home from a three-week trip to the Pacific Northwest, etc. It gave us time to break some less healthy eating habits. I was able to "kick"diet Pepsi, for example; it does not seem appetizing to me.

I met a lady, aged about 75, who brimmed with vibrant health, eager for active sports and very energetic. She swears by cutting out gluten. (which means bread, most of the time.)

Another person I met minimizes sugar and starch, making sure to get enough protein and "good" fats.

The example shown above is a "grain bowl", which I imitated from a recipe in a magazine: a little oatmeal, some wilted garden greens, maybe a sauteed tomato, a fried egg and some garnish. It's tasty.

Can't give up coffee. Don't ask me too!


  1. Hello, this grain bowl sounds delicious. I think I could give up bread, I am not so sure about my hubby though. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

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