Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Poignant "Cubs Win": Hubsy said "This is for your Dad."

The photo above shows my Grandfather (the Dad in the photo) and his infant son (my Dad). It's a rough little snapshot, made early in 1920. Grandpa (born 1885 in Sicily, came to Chicago as a baby) was a Cubs fan. He'd have celebrated the 1908 win as a young man; but never again would he see a World's Series Win for the Cubs. He took my Dad to games whenever possible, so Dad grew up loving the game and the team.  Dad was in Europe in the War for the 1945 series. Though he avidly followed the Cubs; lamented the losses and poor results, he was never discouraged. He lived for 93 years and 20 days; passed away in January 2013.  Like so many other life-long, loyal fans who didn't live long enough to see the Win they longed for.  Bitter-Sweet.

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