Monday, October 31, 2016

Inspired by Parsons & Charlesworth Exhibit "Spectacular Vernacular"

"....Observation is often the spark that leads to a project idea..." is part of the introduction to the exhibit's room of photographs in  "Spectacular Vernacular".

This fascinating design show is at the Chicago Cultural Center through December.

 The photos are themed "Alien Americana" (photos of the US) and "Routine Rituals" (in India). To see Parsons and Charlesworth photos, you have to go to the exhibit. Besides the photographs, there's much more to see.

Their photos made me think: I have thousands of photos in my "picture bank" that I have taken over the past decade. Perhaps some of these will inspire me to consider some project ideas, like painting or an art quilt?

The photographs below are from my collection (have appeared on the blog); they fit a category like "Alien Americana".

Happy Halloween, btw.

Halloween display in soda boxes at the grocery store

Manhattan Beach, CA tourist shop window

Barbie Smart Car in Beverly Hills, CA auto dealer

Renovated Railroad Station in Cincinnati, OH

Our own Carrots--A Chorus Line

Under the Brown Line in Ravonswood, Chicago, IL
(I already have a plan for this photo).

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