Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Very Special Birthday!!

...You know, it's not easy to decide to start a blog; first you get the idea, then overcome the natural tendency to say "why would anyone read my blog? my life is so humdrum, I bore myself." Then you might "run the idea" past your Hubsy and friends.    Goodness, you would think I suggested committing a crime!! I can be discouraged easily, so you'd think I would have left the blogging to others. EXCEPT for the bright smile and interested encouraging attitude of Lady R! She is such a gracious, smart lady that I designated her the Official Blog Encourager! She's very busy contributing time and energy to charities she likes, spending time with her family--her wonderful Hubsy, two great sons and adored Grandies. This friendly group of people "came with the package" when our Blonde Guy married L'il Pearl, since Lady R is BFF of Pearl's Mom. I borrowed the photo above from Lady R's fb--at her happiest with the Grandchildren. Happy Birthday, Lady R!!

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