From One Year Ago...

...some shots of NY and PA to look at while I say Thanks! I sorted my "Mapco" gadget for top cities, where visitors come from. I realize, most of my "frequent flyers" are family, friends and family of the Gardener Next Door, including The Official Blog Encourager, Lady R. (more to come, since our birthdays are soon! and close together). But, Goodness! I don't think I know anybody in SanFrancisco, Providence UT or Glendale Heights, IL, yet I have some regular visitors from those locations, it seems. Wow. And several other places like Scranton PA. Thank you-Thank you!  There's even a nice sprinkling of people from abroad--I'm honored!


  1. Yes, thank you for your blog which I do check often. Seems we have some common interests besides the obvious goings on next door. Cheri


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