Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Bash! The Edit and the Credit!!

 The Twins' 3rd Birthday celebration had a Marching Band music theme, since their talented Daddy is band director at a local high school. My Gardener friend, their Grandma, served as drum major. She is nearly recovered from a dreadful fall suffered while decorating for Christmas. Happily, she's almost finished with the wheelchair. 

The Twins are no-end of fascinated by their Dad's job--he's a bandleader at performances and the kids see how important his work is. Some of the students helped to make it a real parade with band music for the kids...
 Recently recovered from pneumonia, Micah and Molly are none the worst for wear still not completely themselves.  Their Mom made two music themed cakes for them, after taking care of them both all week. Amazing what these young moms find the energy to do.  As sometimes happens, these fun-photos were filched from their Mom & Dad's fb's.

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