Saturday, June 22, 2013

Book Report Time: What's another word for "focus"?

Ordinarily, I enjoyed historical novels by Jeff Shaara; I've read a couple (tho he is writing faster than I can read them.) However, "The Glorious Cause", from 2002, was a load. The book is about the progress of the American Revolution, seen thru the eyes of several of the most important principals, such as George Washington, General Cornwallis, Ben Franklin and so on. Not that I am anyone to criticize the writing of a published and saleable author's work, but this book seriously needed better editing; example: the word "focus" or some variation appeared on nearly every page.Someone is focusing on something, or trying to, or shifting focus. I try not to give up on a book once I've committed to it (got thru the first 30 pages or so); once I decide the damn book needs editing, I start doing it! Yes, I finished it, but No, I didn't really enjoy this one.

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