Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Old Kentucky Home....

 Nestled in the heart of Kentucky, members of my extended family still live and farm a homeplace property that's been in the family since the early 1800's. As when my Mother visited in the 1920's, the fields are once again planted in wheat.

 This humble old horse barn, likely built 3 generations ago or more, housed the saddle horses they raised.

 A new little boy is being raised on the farm now, but 110 years ago, this could have been my grandfather.

 When my cousin decided to have the interior of the original log cabin part of the house restored, a professional analyzed the basic construction; it was put up in the 1790's as a one-room shelter with only one door and no windows--a tiny fortified place for safety in wartime. Everything else was added as time passed.

My great-aunt's piano and various photos and mementos.

My cousin's wife came home one day to hear noises in the house! But the intruder was only a large black snake sprawling on the top shelf with the white china. She could not catch it; it slithered back into the ceiling!
The joys of country living, I guess.

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