If You Want to be Inspired....

...entertained and touched by stories of true-life bravery and real heroines, "No Time for Fear" by Diane Burke Fessler is the book for you! Former WWII military service nurses remember (as elderly ladies in their 70's to 90's)their years as nurses (and some as prisoners of the Japanese in the Philippines); their "voices" reveal the adventurous spirit of young women in their 20's, tempered with the wisdom of their advanced age. Amazing stories of bravery and danger, working as flight nurses in wartime, before planes had advanced navigation equipment; carrying on nursing while starving in the Japanese prison camp, and other exciting situations. Mrs. Fessler's aunt was a nurse with the 166th General Hospital in LeMans, France where my mother served as one of the dietitians; an entire chapter is devoted to memories of this hospital.


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