Sunday, November 15, 2009

Once again, a sombre Saturday sonata...

...the day of the "furry friends birthday party" featured one of those mottled platinum skies we sometimes have around here in November. But it was warmer than it looks. This is what happens when you have your birthday in November....The party was held at a Park District Nature Center, and included a short nature walk--try showing 5-year olds a lot of dry prairie grasses--then the opportunity to carefully pet a large bunny and a small fluffy guinea pig (did someone say Fluffy?) a tour of the center's live animal collection, including two huge snapping turtles and a light yellow corn snake. Then the kid's came back, sanitized their hands and ate cake.

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I Swore I would Not View Yellowstone Through the Lense of my Camera..

However, I did take a few evocative, misty photos of some bison and early September snow at the Park.