Sunday, July 4, 2010

Center-piece of the Summer Afternoon Party...

...the past few year's, the Creative Gardener's been working on Faery Gardens: little patches of garden placed at attractive levels for children, perhaps. Using tiny varieties of hostas and other plants as well as delightful brick-a-brac and lots of imagination, minature worlds of fun come to life. The purpose of the day's gathering was to show Alice the new Faery Garden, hidden away deep in a secret corner of the Big Garden (actually, in a thin sliver of side yard, just outside the media room and next to the air conditioner unit; but since the border on the s.w. corner of the garden is so densely packed, you have to walk all the way around the house to reach it.) Remote, if you are 2.

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Haha--another kind of mask

One of our home grown potatoes seemed to smile at me as it was readied for cook pot.