Monday, July 5, 2010

High Quality Time and Entertainment.... took Alice about 10-15 minutes to thoroughly explore the Faery Garden, encouraged by 5 adults (one with an annoying, clicking camera!!). Mostly, she looked at and touched the garden "props": ceramic, plastic and glass houses, animals and "water"; later on, she will appreciate the plants. Alice already knows the names of some. She already understands about the "gnome" that moves about the garden; finding him is part of her garden routine (once she's had enough berries!). Across the driveway, at my yard, I have placed a large plastic toy T-Rex among the ferns and hostas; if prompted to go see the dinosaur, Alice will scamper over to point out his location. On Alice's suggestion, I have started moving T-Rex around the yard, just like her Grandma's gnome.

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