Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OK, Something Artsey From the Farm....

...well, it used to be a farm. The Steamboat Junction B & B and Campground, near Bluffton MO was our home away from home! Aside from darling cabin houses that resembled "doll" farmhouses, several aging out buildings with weathered wood, the cleanest "port-a-potty" I've ever seen (ditto: the cute little shower cabin), the proprietrix vends on array of trail snacks and drinks to through-bikers on the Katy Trail. But how did the door handle get warped like that?

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  1. The farm you speak of was the owned by my step fathers family, Gregory. I spent 1970-1983 on that farm. The best days of my life. The house was a riverboat in the late 1800's.. dismantled then reassembled into a house. Granny and Grandpa Gregory lived there for decades.


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