Monday, October 18, 2010

A Successful Photo Hunt Concluded....

...over the past few days, over a hundred self-proclaimed great shots were collected; mostly these came from the area of Hermann, MO, along the Missouri River. Above, an ancient Texaco Station on the original Route 66 Hwy. just outside Dwight, IL on the way home. More to come....and perfect for a Ruby Tuesday!


  1. Barb, I am stealing this photo to show the gang at Crown Trophy in Wilmington. I will give you full credit, of course. We have been doing a lot of trophies for car shows and a few races. We have even made some trophies which feature old gas pumps. Growing up near St. Louis, I had a friend whose family was from Hermann and she would spend many weekends there, loving the town. I love fall getaways. Cheri Dueber

  2. Some fine nostalgy there. A great capture!

  3. Indeed a perfect photo for today. Love the old style gas pumps.

    My Ruby Tuesday LINK

  4. I love the old gas stations, too. The ones around here no longer have pumps.

  5. I love this shot. Perfect fit for RT


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