Monday, February 21, 2011


...I expect a new photo of the Gardener's Twin Grandchildren soon, meanwhile this story is Hot Off the Presses and too cute to wait!!  When last we visited the Twins, Hurricane Molly was a probable suspect in the Mystery of the Missing F-Key; at present, she's lost strength (resting and calmly plotting, perhaps) while her brother, the ordinarily Mild-Mannered Micah, is the talk of the Facebook account! A solid lad, fond of toy (since that's about all he can get) tools and busy learning to talk. And, yes, he's having some trouble putting his consonants and vowels together; little one syllable words that start with F and S, naturally. So words are coming out of him that no one in his family has ever uttered in a few centuries!! For example, at dinner time, when he looks at his Daddy and says "F*** and S***!" what he means is "Papa, Dear, please may I have a FORK and, as it suits your convenience, Sir, please SIT and enjoy your dinner! Your Obedient Son, Micah".  Great Stuff. Good Times!

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