Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Sensations of Spring...

...the photos are grey, with dirty snow and brown grass; you probably have that where you are. But I will tell you that each day, a Goldfinch looks more yellow, a Cardinal sings a springtime song and I see parades of acrobatically nimble squirrels, the females dashing away from squads of mating-frenzied males! This morning, we opened the back door and were hit with powerful "eau de skunk"; my theory is female skunk views the mating-frenzy as an unwanted nuisance or threat--so likely turns and sprays a faceful of scent on her male pursuer.   Handy!

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I Swore I would Not View Yellowstone Through the Lense of my Camera..

However, I did take a few evocative, misty photos of some bison and early September snow at the Park.