Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday....and Superbowl Sunday.

As an older member of the BabyBoom Generation (1948), I remember Ronald Reagan first as a movie star that neither of my parents cared for much; so I didn't see any of his films. But in the mid-1950's there was a program called "GE Theatre" on TV; generally it was well-crafted wholesome drama, we used to watch it and it was hosted by Ronald Reagan. At eight or nine, he seemed like a kindly "uncle" figure. Nice; he projected basic goodness and warmth.
I only voted once for a Democrat--I could not bring myself to vote for Richard Nixon. By 1976, even I could tell that Carter was not going to be helpful; that started my pattern. I was not political as I did not understand then how over-reaching government policies can be so hurtful to individual citizens. It was not until the early '80's that I understood, for example, that raising the minimum wage causes small business employers to let go of employees. It's way more complicated than that, but that was the issue that turned me "conservative". So I'm glad I voted for Reagan both times he ran for President and appreciated him when he was alive.     They should change the motto of Ill. to Land of Lincoln and Reagan; Lincoln was born in Kentucky and grew up there and in Indiana, arriving in Illinois as a young man. Reagan was born in a rented apartment upstairs in a commerical building in a tiny hamlet called Tampico in NW Illinois, grew up and went to college in the state; a true son of Illinois. And, of course, nobody knows where Obama was born. All I can say is to join the chorus of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President." Now I'll go downstairs and help Hubs' shell some shrimp for our "just the two of us" SuperBowl" dinner. (I refuse to call it "The Big Game"; so sue me.)


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