Monday, March 7, 2011

Lady R. Has a Matter for the Complaint Dept. At Barbbblog!

Please remember, Lady R.  is the first and original "encourager" of the B'Blog, so if she is not Happy! with her blog-viewing, the staff has a bad day around here!
So here's the deal: Lady R. feels that the small girl in my "picture of the year for 2010" looks unhappy and distressed; Lady R. is a devoted Grandma and she does not like to see children upset!!

Here is the entire photo, in context. The photo was taken near a "water feature" statue ensemble at The Grove in Los Angeles in Spring 2010. It was only after I got home and studied it that I saw that the baby wanted the "statue-child" to give her a drink from the water hose, too. Do other toddlers react this way, I wonder? The design of the statue-art "works", since this little girl was totally drawn into the "life" of the setting.

1 comment:

  1. Funny, my first thought was that she was hoping for a drink of water!


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