Thursday, April 7, 2011

"LA Confidential"....

...finally captured a few phone moments with our Blonde Guy--youngest son--in LA; caught up on the happenings with him and his wife, L'il Pearl. After that, as I sometimes do, I asked if they had seen any celebrities lately. Turned out, yes: at the store where he works he had an extended conversation with a lovely young star of a current TV series. Since she was playing "customer" and he was playing "salesman", we will keep her identity private--that's the confidential part. My favorite part: he told me an actor visited Pearl's school, but was on the other end of the long building, so Pearl did not go see him "She didn't want to BE THAT PERSON who goes out of their way to see a celebrity". He too, had an experience at the store where he'd have to make a special trip to see the certain actor--just didn't want to BE THAT PERSON.  Me? Where's my camera??

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  1. I'm with you--grab the camera and be THAT person! LOL


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