Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Are Way Overdue for an Update on the Twins...

...Molly is like Mommy's little helper at the present, it seems. While Micah developed into a pistol! Today, there was a "Perfect Storm" of funny toddler behavior. First, we must go back a few weeks to the time when Micah learned to "reverse engineer the dressing process", climb noiselessly from his crib during nap time and sneak soundlessly downstairs  to show up on the sofa where is Dad was doing school work (he's a teacher). Likely bursting into a gale of giggles!  Soon after that, he "marked his little territory" by repeating the de-dressing routine, stayed in his crib this time, but pee'd out the side of the bed! Yay, Micah!
It's all in good fun! So, you've seen the Facebook today: his blushing parents answered the door to find the police outside, asking "Is that the kid?"; of course, the 2-year-old accidental 911 dialer had once again removed his pants! Who writes this stuff? It's a good thing his Mommy and Daddy are professional child-instructors and can at least appreciate the talent and humor of all this.

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  1. They are precious! And, apparently, full of humor! LOL


Haha--another kind of mask

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