Thursday, November 3, 2011

Other Halloween Headlines.....

 ...with lots of "borrowed" photos from other peoples' FB pages..., we might have thought that Molly might have come up with something really scary for Halloween, but here's the heart and soul of the little sweetheart all decked out as HappyFeet--what a smile!

...Hire This Contractor and he will knock some Home Depot Heads if they don't have the blippin' drywall here by 7AM--little Micah.

                                                    The twins are such good little friends

                               Alice and her sister in their new home with all their Halloween finery

                                                             Hello. I can Fly....

                   Me Too, don't know what's happening yet, but it's fun. Don't know how cute I am either.
This is Munchkin' of Omaha NE, Who is Officially the Halloween "Caller of Quits". It's over, get over it, it's in the can for another year. "Get Me Out of This Pumpkin Suit."

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