Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Style Secrets of Chicago Commuters....

 Yes, just ordinary working people on a weekday morning inside Union Station and on Jackon Blvd. heading east.    The "new retro" clothing feels slightly "off" to me, since I lived 60's and 70's clothing styles as a young woman. We didn't actually have "leggings" in those days, tho if you felt thin enough to feel comfortable, there were stretch pants with stirrups around the feet to keep the legs in place. But, hey girl, cute jacket with pleated little skirt.

Everyone carries large and/or multiple large bags. Break my shoulder, will you? Mostly black; mine is maroon, old and "LandsEnd". And I strive to keep in light!

Some bring foldable scooters on the train; some have long walks from the train station to work places perhaps a mile or more.

Occasionally, bright splashes of color among the black, brown and denim blue.

Little "pops" of bright orange. Since we get the fun of having the NATO Summit here this coming weekend, for several weeks signs of extra security--orange cones, police tape, extra security, the entrance to the "Sears Tower" open only to people who must be there, news trucks parked around the streets, etc. Today there were many more European-seeming people apparent in the Financial District as I walked back to the train in the afternoon.

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