Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Classic Chicago Architecture...

A somewhat  awkward "slice" photo of Quincy St., a narrow alley between the Rookery Building and the building that houses the Bank of America's main branch....

The Rookery, among the oldest and most revered classic Chicago buildings.  In the mid-90's I was out one day on LaSalle St. on an errand. As it happened, a film crew was out front of the building--the left side of this view--and were filming one of the sequels to the dreadful but popular "Home Alone" series of movies. A couple of the supporting cast (the actors who played the "bad guys") were on set. The young star was not there, but a tiny, wiry little lady, the star's body double for distance shots, was there, dressed up as a little boy.

The building was cast as a toy store in NY.    I've always liked this part of the building, the south side. It feels so authentically "1880's".   My Dad used to work in the building in the early 1960's, so I sort of grew up here.  There is a wonderful spiral stair case inside--I used to take my boyfriends to see it; it's quite a surprise.

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