Edits, Credits and Good-bye to the Queen...

 I maligned the poor ol' Dennison Hotel, once a luxury downtown hotel but now the only SRO in the downtown area; therefore of value to the working poor. Here is a lengthy and interesting article from StreetVibes; goes into detail.  The writing in the publication was so good that I may purchase a copy of Chicago's "StreetWise" next time I see a vendor.

 I forgot to mention that we enjoyed our dinner at the The Cock and Bull Pub in Covington, KY. Wonderful pub-grub and lots of different beer if you like. There seems to be a resurgence in popularity of "pub" themed restaurants. They were everywhere in the 1970's, but now they are back. And we went to the Cincinnati Art Museum on Mt. Adams; it was big and full of wonderful pottery and paintings. And fer-God's-sake don't call it an art gallery, 'cause they git real mad. It's a big Museum full of lots of galleries!!   Oh, if you don't come to Cincinnati for any other reason, come for Graeter's Ice Cream, there's an parlor on the Fountain Plaza downtown.

Good-bye for now, Queen Cincinnati --actually, that is Covington, KY--we want to come see you again!


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