Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Step into the WayBack Machine....

My Dad, age 3 month, with his father. Phote taken in Chicago Ill  in Spring 1920
I've mentioned once or twice that my elderly father is quietly fading. He's 92 years, 7 months and 3 days; he's had type-2 diabetes for about 30 years. Back in March, due to lack of mobility and a serious fall, we reluctantly moved him into a full-blown nursing center near our home. Due to continued lack of mobility and the need for pain relieve, hospices services were called in. Dad is "one of a kind", however, so fortunately he is thriving in hospice!
My Father with his mother, likely in Spring 1921

Add 92 years and this photo is an accurate example of how Dad is today.
The care in the facility is good to excellent, depending on whose on duty that day. I go to visit every day at least once, with the mission of making sure he drinks some cups of water, an extra Ensure and maybe even a little V-8 juice.  Old people--even those without much dementia--can start to "forget" how to swallow. I printed out copies of these photos and taped them on the walls beside his bed to give staff members a different view of the patient.  It's amazing, these photos are nearly 100 years old. My Grandparents have been gone since 1954 and 1961.

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