I didn't intend to show CA pictures for so long....

...but I have a lot of them. And now, it's freezing outside and pouring down icy rain. Who wants to go out in that? Besides, you don't want to miss this beguiling image: the tiny child is confused by the water feature; she wants the statue of the other little girl to give her a drink, too. Can't believe I caught the shot! It was taken at the Grove in the LeBrea area. Full of wacky people watching...


  1. That´s a lovely shot! Love it.

  2. Oh this is too cute.


  3. What a cute little girl and photo! Great capture!

  4. what an adorable surprised expression the little girls face! Great shot!

  5. She has such a surprised look on her face, so cute.

  6. Oh what a joyful photo! I am new to your blog, and enjoying your CA trip! I am freezing in the rain myself! Happy WW! Faythe @GMT


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