Sunday, May 23, 2010

I am a "process" person.... I enjoyed taking a few minutes (and that's all it took) the other day to observe the annual ritual of having our driveway sealed. My neighbor did the same thing; this amounted to a couple of soon-to-be geazers standing around and pestering the daylights out of the industrious young man who did the two driveways, singlehanded! Fortunately, the temperature was in the 70's rather than the 90's. He had the process down to a system: a place for everything, everything in it's place and everything that was there had tar on it--since there was no way to escape it. However, the technician was easily able to keep the tar in it's place as he applied it to the asphalt.

It was a like Fred Astair dancing around with a long-handled squeegee devise, while moving around in gooey, tacky hot tar. Tho he moved fast, the tar only ended up where he wanted it.

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