Monday, January 24, 2011

"The Bears-Packers Super Bowl".... it was billed at a tavern on the IL-WI border near Richmond, IL. Hubs' and I drove north an hour or so to watch the event on TV at the lovely home of Steve and Lori; adorable, fun-loving and irrepressible--long time friends from the days when Hubs' and I practically commuted between Zion, IL and Madison, WI to see one another. Before the game started, I walked outside with my camera to capture some of the mid-winter magic that can be seen in the Chain of Lakes area of Northern IL.  That's my world.


Slightly Belated Remembrance of Dad's 98th Birth Anniversary

 As an infant, with his Father  As a toddler, with his Mom. Below, probably the first photo ever as a very young enfant. Spring, 1920. ...