Monday, January 24, 2011

"The Bears-Packers Super Bowl".... it was billed at a tavern on the IL-WI border near Richmond, IL. Hubs' and I drove north an hour or so to watch the event on TV at the lovely home of Steve and Lori; adorable, fun-loving and irrepressible--long time friends from the days when Hubs' and I practically commuted between Zion, IL and Madison, WI to see one another. Before the game started, I walked outside with my camera to capture some of the mid-winter magic that can be seen in the Chain of Lakes area of Northern IL.  That's my world.


I Swore I would Not View Yellowstone Through the Lense of my Camera..

However, I did take a few evocative, misty photos of some bison and early September snow at the Park.