Friday, January 21, 2011

" What goes on behind her little face..."

...wondered the Gardener, her Grandmother. We met Molly back in Sept.; the more active (for lack of a better word) of a darling pair of twins. She's always up to something, like a sweet little girl version of Dennis the Menace in the comic strip; not malicious, just smart, curious and mechanically inclined, it seems.
Earlier this month, when her Mommy's back was turned for a moment, she pried the spacebar and the "alt" key off Mommy's computer keyboard. Lately, Mommy's Facebook documents the mysterious disappearance of the "F" key from her closed computer. And it was gone! How is a rational young mother--housebound in this winter weather--with a pair of twin toddlers going to get along without the flippin' "F" key??   A new keyboard was ordered. It arrived; and what turned up beneath the coffee table? The "F" key, naturally.

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