Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Winter Sunrise...A New Year.

...I mentioned the passing of Hubsy's sister about this time last year; but I have not mentioned that our family suffered a serious health scare when his remaining sister, P. J. (she lives nearby) developed a brain tumor. Since the situation arose with shocking suddeness and was in flux, it was hardly right for "blog-banter". After surgery, chemo and radiation, she appeared to be failing; very sad and distressing! However, she got "the best of news" at a recent MRI: all signs of the tumor vanished; the symptoms attributed to swelling. Controllable with medication. And thank goodness, she is getting stronger by the day! Thoughout the entire ordeal, P.J. handled it with her usual strength, grace and trust in God. Her family is very supportive, as well: her daughter, an RN, is more than model of attentive care, to point to one example!

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