Friday, December 23, 2011

A Child's Wish for Christmas or Molly Gets the Last Word...

Here's the set-up for this episode, as told by the Twins' funny Daddy on FB
1. They live in a home full of Tattlers
2. Molly's brother Micah has a Santa Claus Placemat at the table
3. The Twins like to use kitchen utensils and implements for un-food purposes
4. Miss Molly has not completely learned to pronounce her "R"-sounds yet.

So, while Dad is fixing one of the kids a snack, the Twins are at the table.
Dad hears Molly yell: "Daddy, Micah is fo'-king Santa on the table! Make Micah stop fo'-king Santa!"

So, all ye People of Earth, heed the words of this innocent babe and for Goodness Sake,
Stop Fo'-king Santa and just Have a Merry Christmas!

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